Our forefathers believed in giving people the opportunity to try new businesses and concepts. New ideas and businesses are good for the economy, but they do not always work out as expected.  When that happens the risk takers need a chance to get a fresh start and try again.  That is why our forefathers provided for a bankruptcy law in the U S Constitution. In this context bankruptcy allows people to experiment with new ideas and paths to success without fearing a miscalculation or mistake will lead to a lifetime of debt, it enables people to take risks and grow without being wiped out forever if things do not work out as expected.


Even though Bankruptcy can help many people, there are  instances when it is not the best option. Wise men have noted that those with the most choices have the most power. We keep this in mind in counseling our clients. We realize that having many choices is the best option when considering solutions to debt problems. This is why we counsel people in many aspects of debt relief. By doing so, we avoid creating an agenda favoring  Bankruptcy, unless of course, it is their very best option. We evaluate the entire situation to find the best solution and we suggest and assist with other forms of debt relief if it makes sense. Our goal is to provide the best solution available and to establish a long term, ongoing relationship to assist our clients with their personal and business legal needs for years to come.