Business Planning

Business Planning Lawyer Style

Business planning from a legal perspective is quite different from that business plan created to present to ones bankers to obtain financing for the new concern. At Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney at Law we work with our clients to foresee potential opportunities and pitfalls and then create a business plan to handle the legal consequences. We use planning tools such as business structure, operating, shareholder and partnership agreements, buy sell agreements and other documents to help create a plan for the future growth and success of new and existing businesses. Sometimes a business plan can even be designed to assist a business in ceasing operations while limiting or eliminating any questions of legal liability to its owners and operators.

Business Formation

Once a basic plan is established the clients of Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney at Law have their goals and situation well understood. From that point our lawyers assist in business formation. This is evaluating the proper business form to help the client reach their stated goals. Business Formation consists of determining whether an Association, Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or other form of business operation is best for the client in their unique set of circumstances. Each client will require special and individual attention to ensure that the Business Formation used matches their needs and circumstances.

Risk Management

From the lawyers perspective Risk Management is much more than having proper insurance in place. Once we have helped create a business plan and proper business formation we help our clients adapt the form of their business to manage legal risk. Our experience in working with successful businesses through our business Panning, Formation and Risk management services and working with failing and troubled businesses through our Bankruptcy practice gives us a full perspective of the range of issues that can arise and enables us to give our clients good and comprehensive guidance.