Nov 20



Maybe I am just an ignorant old fart, but what were the police thinking when they chose to pepper spray peaceful protesters on the UC Davis California campus? And the unadulterated arrogance that was exhibited, casually walking in front of a bunch of kids sitting peacefully arm in arm exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and voice their opinion; the police in their Kevlar flak jackets, helmets, guns, shields and F***ing pepper spray canisters, clearly in imminent threat of violence and injury, intentionally and maliciously spraying innocent kids, causing severe and painful injury. No one should get away with this crap! What is this country coming to when the people who are charged with protecting its citizens feel it is within the authority that those citizens granted to them, to intentionally and maliciously injure those who have granted them their authority. If there was ever a case of unlawful assault under color of authority, this one appears to be right up there at the top of the list. It is not as if these kids were breaking any law. They were on public property exercising their first amendment rights. They were not trespassing, they were not violent, they were not even camping out over night without a permit, yet some arrogant ******* so full of himself he had to do his maiming with a flourish of theatrics, steped up and proudly sprayed noxious chemicals all over them. Even my 8 year old understood and said “This was not right” upon seeing it. Velcome to 1930’s Germany. This group belongs in Jack boots and a brown shirt with swastikas stitched on their shoulders and epaulets. Damn it takes a lot of guts to hold guns upon and spray pepper spray on a bunch of unarmed, defenseless kids sitting arm in arm exercising their constitutional right to political speech.

I am amazed at what sheep we seem to have become, at least until recently. What happened to the Americans who stood up for themselves and kept their leaders on a short leash? We, the general public, the 99%, seem to have lost control of our county and now allow the lunatic fringe to select those who will represent us. I do not know how many times I have been told “I do not have the time for politics” or “what difference does it make?”Have we all become so complacent that we miss the big picture? Or, have we just allowed big business and big government to enslave us to credit to the point that now, all we can do is drag ourselves to work every day and struggle to meet the debt load that someone has convinced us we need to incur to keep America number one? Is a nation that spends more than it makes really what it takes to be number one in this world? I guess we are reaping what we have sowed now. Look how easily manipulated we have allowed ourselves become. Millions of us are facing foreclosure, the loss of our homes because we allowed our “super smart” leaders to tell us that the lessons learned in the past no longer apply. We allowed ourselves to be sold, or maybe we just did not pay any attention to what we were being told by our leaders, that the markets needed to be free and unregulated. Maybe we should have free and unregulated football games or wrestling matches or highways. Clearly we seem to have Police now that think they deserve to be free and unregulated, just check out the U Tube accounts of the UC Davis protests. This lack of rules to play by would not result in half the mayhem and damage that has resulted as a result of our deregulated free markets. Maybe I am just stupid, but it seems to me that if we understand that 300 pound football players all of the same basic skill level, and same basic conditioning need to have some rules to play by, then when it comes to our financial markets where we have 90 pound weaklings thrown into the same coliseum as 800 pound gorillas, that the 800 pound gorillas should have to play by some rules. But no, the financial markets appear to be controlled by a bunch of “I do not know what’s”, that don’t have the first idea about what a fair game is. Or maybe they just do not care so long as they are, or are associated with the 800 pound gorillas. Sure it is a laudable idea for everyone to own a home, but you cannot sell them to people who cannot afford them and then destroy the economy so that those who could afford them at one time lose their jobs or have to work for so little that they no longer can afford what they once could and have to face foreclosure too. How stupid is it to use tax payer bailout money to pay bonuses to the people responsible for making it possible for someone with a $40,000 annual income to buy a $800,000 home?

Look, I definitely do not support communism or socialism. I just think we need some rules and some referees to have a fair game and a level playing field. You cannot allow 90 pound weaklings to play in the same game as an 800 pound gorilla, not unless you are going to chain up the gorilla or at least tranquilize or maybe train him to play fair. We all have to do our part to take back our country. We do not have to have the biggest economy or the most debt to be number one, and if that is what it takes to be number one, is that what we want? Maybe being number two or three and being happy and able to pass on a sustainable legacy to our children rather than spray them in the face with pepper spray when they point out to us how we have gone wrong really makes one number one.

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